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Puzzle game Splitty Adventures 2
Splitty Adventures 2

Help little Splitties gather the Sacred Fire and save the universe from the Evil Grenades.

Puzzle game HoneyBEE

Puzzle game

Puzzle game Mine Sweep 6
Mine Sweep 6

Clear the world from dangerous mines in this exiting new variant of Mine Sweeper.

Puzzle game El Gusano Loco
El Gusano Loco

a little worm is trying to find his way through a tree , collecting fruits and avoiding danger .

Puzzle game NOMONI

NOMONI is a simple but stylish puzzle skill game with psychedelic plasma effects.

Puzzle game Cellular Automaton
Cellular Automaton

Create your own fractals via cellular automata.

Puzzle game Water Werks ZWD
Water Werks ZWD

Unique arcade puzzle game in which you must get your blobs to the exits using only running water...

Puzzle game Yogipoco

The quest for the Legendary Daisy is filled with magic and mystery.

Puzzle game Kaleidoscope Series 1
Kaleidoscope Series 1

Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of...

Puzzle game Knightfall

Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself.

Puzzle game SpiderX

A tiny spider got into a shuttle and flew to Mars. He got there and came back.

Puzzle game Gen

Attract the smaller spheres and guide them safely to the light blue sphere.

Puzzle game Exploit

Information is freedom.

Puzzle game BubbleQuod

Update!!!Addict yourself to this 50-level physics puzzle! You won’t regret!

Puzzle game MatchBlox 2 - Abrams Quest: Puzzle Pack 1
MatchBlox 2 - Abrams Quest: Puzzle Pack 1

MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest: Puzzle Pack 1, a twist on the match making casual game.

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