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Dames anglaises is a free online flash game of the category parlour games.

You probably know the game of checkers in its international version practiced in France. Checkers proposed here is in its English version with a checkerboard of 64 squares and 24 pieces. The goal is to capture the opponent's pieces. Taking back the pawn is not allowed. The lady can only move one square at a time (as a normal pawn) but has the privilege of being able to move, and take back. In addition to the standard game, 2 variants that spice up the game are proposed: the first is to force the opponent to capture all your parts, the second is not to wait his turn to play and then move their pieces as quickly as possible .

On the main menu, you can choose the level of difficulty in the game standard with the mouse, move the cursor between Easy (easy) and Hard (difficult). You start with red pins.
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