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Free online animals jigsaws

Animal jigsaw Tigers

Play this 6 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of the tigers. Level up, difficulty increase.

Animal jigsaw Black Horse Jigsaw
Black Horse Jigsaw

Play this 16 pieces jigsaw puzzle game of horse.

Animal jigsaw Puzzle Dogs - 1
Puzzle Dogs - 1

Dogs puzzle

Animal jigsaw Kitten VIDEO Jigsaw
Kitten VIDEO Jigsaw

The new dimension of jigsaw! Solve three VIDEO-puzzles to see little kitten playing.

Animal jigsaw Jigsaw puzzle: fish
Jigsaw puzzle: fish Animal jigsaw Jaguar Jigsaw Puzzle
Jaguar Jigsaw Puzzle

Try this challenging puzzle 30 pieces of a beautiful jaguar.

Animal jigsaw PuzzleMania

Puzzle game that requires the assembly of small, interlocking and tessellating pieces, in the right...

Animal jigsaw Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger - The Largest Tiger Breed in Asia.

Animal jigsaw Puzzle Monkeys - 1
Puzzle Monkeys - 1
Animal jigsaw Cats Fight Jigsaw
Cats Fight Jigsaw

Play this 16 pieces jigsaw puzzle games of the fighting cats.

Animal jigsaw Jigsaw: Doggy
Jigsaw: Doggy

A cute doggy. I wonder what he's thinking...

Animal jigsaw Jigsaw: Two Cats
Jigsaw: Two Cats

Two cute cats looking around the corner.

Animal jigsaw Jigsaw: Monarch Butterfly
Jigsaw: Monarch Butterfly

Royal butterfly on a pretty flower.

Animal jigsaw Jigsaw: Goat
Jigsaw: Goat

Cute little goat beside a pile of bread.

Animal jigsaw Save the pandas !
Save the pandas !

Protect the pandas from the man.

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