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Adventure game Mr Runner
Mr Runner

Mr. Runner runs. Fast.

Adventure game Battle of Midway Islands
Battle of Midway Islands

The Battle of Midway is widely regarded as the most important naval battle of the Pacific Campaign...

Adventure game The Shotgun Princess: Escape Her House
The Shotgun Princess: Escape Her House

This princess is on the hunt for goblins!

Adventure game Cluster Lander
Cluster Lander

Take control of a Cluster Lander, a fast ship designed to maneuver between rock clusters.

Adventure game Love Bite
Love Bite

Monstrous mosquitoes are giving deadly love bites to your favourite celebs. Go ahead! Rescue them

Adventure game Luxate

A point and click adventure.

Adventure game Protector III
Protector III

Featuring a brand new campaign, the return of advanced hero units along with a whole host more...

Adventure game Super Demon Hunter
Super Demon Hunter

Explore oniric town and solve the riddles to find the Power Stones.

Adventure game Humbugger

Humbugger tells the story of Ziggy Fraud who cheats the rules of physics without understanding them...

Adventure game SplitMan

Split your character into identical clones.

Adventure game Dibbles: for the greater good
Dibbles: for the greater good

Help the Dibbles get their king to safety.

Adventure game Sherlock

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You play as the protagonist, detective. Crime was committed.

Adventure game ScapeRide ZERO
ScapeRide ZERO

Dodge holes and obstacles on the road and don't die.Get the highest score on Mochi's leaderboard.

Adventure game Roller Coaster Adventure
Roller Coaster Adventure

There are three different themes in this game, including amusement park, marine world and cosmic...

Adventure game Transformer Guy
Transformer Guy

2d shooting game where the player can transform into a car,ball or human to beat the level

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